It is designed for most critical requirements of liquid level in vessels under high pressure & temperature condition in petrochemicals, fertilizer and pharmaceuticals & chemical industries involving inflammable toxic liquid, high temp Liquids.
The glass has precision moulded prismatic grooves cut on its inner side coming in contact with the medium. These level gauges have liquid chamber made out of single piece bar stock. Liquid level in the slotted chamber is seen through heavy duty toughened glasses. These glasses are clamped firmly on the chamber using carbon steel cover plates and using with CS "U" Bolts & Nuts.
Material of construction available
Liquid Chamber : Machined out of single piece bar solid bar stock made of M.S. / S.S. / P.P.
Cover Plates : M.S. / S.S.304 / S.S.-316.
"U" Bolts & Nuts : C.S. / S.S.304 / S.S.-316.
Cushion : CAF.
Packing : Imported / Teflon
Glass : Indian toughened glass / Imported klinger
Test pressure : 50 kg / cm² Max.
Temp. : 350° c.
Isolation valve : Isolation can be provided with built in auto shut off or simple isolation valve without shut off.
Mounting : Flanged or screwed end.
Available Length : In single piece 3.5 meter
Double Limb U Tube type Industrial Manometer (RSA 5004)
U tube type Manometer primary standard manometer used for precision measurement of pressure, Vacuum, differential pressure and flow measurement in plant and labs where certain accuracy is required.
Available : In wall mounted and stand mounted.
Range : 300 - 0 - 300 mm WC / Hg.
500 - 0 - 500 mm WC / Hg.
Casing : Aluminium powder coated.
Scale : milky white machined engraved.
Glass Tube : Borosilicate heavy wall thickness.
Wetted parts : S.S. - 304.
Packing : Neoprene / Teflon.
Single limb Industrial Manometer ( RSA 5040)
Single limb well type direct reading manometer for the precision measurement of pressure, vacuum differential pressure, flow and liquid level measurement.
Range : 0-760 mm WC / Hg or 0-1000 mm WC / Hg. (Other construction details are remain as above)
A) U tube type Manometer ranges : 50-0-50, 100-0-100 mm, 150-0-150, 200-0-200, 250-0-250 mm WC.
B) Single limb type Manometer Range 0-100, 0-200, 0-300, 0-400 in mm.
C) Inclined Manometer Range 0-5, 0-10, 0-15, 0-20, 0-25, 0-30, 0-50 mm.