Suitable for continuous level indication of horizontal tank and mainly underground tank containing very hazardous and corrosive liquid in nature.
It is covered in two units, one units fixed on mounting flange with guided cage assembly & float is connected to the S.S. pipe having imported magnet assembly.
Second unit fixed on mounting flange. The magnet assembly moves up & down in the main S.S. pipe chamber. The float magnet is operated by magnetically coupled to the follower red magnet outside chamber which is mounted on front side of the main S.S. pipe.
Material of construction available
Main Chamber pipe : S.S. / P.P.
Float : S.S. 316 / P.P.
Outside casing pipe : Glass tube inside red follower.
Scale : Aluminium / S.S. / Acrylic.
Flange : S.S. / M.S.
Pressure : 25Kg /cm²
Temp. : 225 °C.
Available Length : Maximum 3.5 meter.
It is a simple, accurate , maintenance free & reliable float operated technique adopted for tank gauging in large Non pressurized storage tank where to get a level within 1" or 2" of liquid level is satisfactory and provides the additional convenience of being able to read out at 100 or 200 ft. away from the tank.
Material of construction available.

Float moves up & down during a rise in liquid level and vice-versa. So that the pointer is at bottom position during full tanks and the top position during empty condition. In case of magnetically coupled reading, the float is connected to a magnetic counter weight, moving within a sealed S.S. chamber, the follower magnetic capsule inside a transparent glass tube to give level indication. This concept is adopted for volatile liquids with relatively high vapour pressure.

Measuring range : 1-30 mtrs. ( Direct ) and 0 4.5 mtrs. ( Magnetic).
Float : S.S. -316 / FRP Lined / P.P. / M.S.
Wire : S.S. -304 / P.P. / Teflon.
Pointer / Indicator : M.S. Epoxy Painted Red Color / S.S. -316 with 6 Nos. P.P. Rollers.
Scale : 6" wide M.S. or Aluminium Powder Coated.
Housing & Pulley : Aluminium / S.S. -316 / P.P.